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Get people to opt in to your email marketing

It is illegal to send unsolicited email messages except in limited circumstances. If customers have consented to receiving information from you in the past, ie opted in, you can send them information on other things you think they might be interested in.

However, you must give these people the option to opt out of receiving any further messages from you. See the page in this guide on legal issues.

Junk email or spam irritates many people who dislike an inbox full of messages they didn't request. Sending email indiscriminately will create a bad impression of your business.

However, email can be a very effective marketing tool if you can get customers and potential customers to request updates from you by email. See the page in this guide on how to make your email newsletter engaging.
Using incentives

People are more likely to opt in if you give them a useful incentive. For example, you can offer special services or discounts to customers who sign up for your email updates. It's even more effective when you make offers available exclusively through your email marketing. You can then be more confident that recipients will check for the latest email.

Building your email list
If you're running an email marketing campaign, keep it in mind when creating your other marketing material. It's well worth putting opt-in tickboxes for email information on all your paper-based marketing material.

You can use your website as a powerful way of getting opt-ins too - it's always worth highlighting the benefits of subscribing to your email service and providing an online form to register immediately.

Don't ask for too much information at the registration stage - lots of boxes to fill in will discourage people. Name, email address and phone number should be enough to start with.