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Reviewing your brand

A successful brand can have a long life, provided it's kept up-to-date and in line with customers' needs and expectations. As your customers' needs change, your brand - and your business - need to evolve to stay relevant.

Does everything work as well as it can to deliver what your customers expect? Do your customers have the same expectations of your business, product or service? Has your market-place changed?

In particular, it's worth examining:

* your products and services
* your systems
* your marketing strategy

For example, during such a review, Speedy Couriers may find more of its customers are using email to deliver documents quickly, rather than a bike. However, it could reposition its brand to emphasise reliability as well as speed - that it can be relied on to deliver documents into recipients' hands as quickly as possible.

And if it's possible to set up a system to contact customers by phone, fax or email immediately after delivery, it could market itself as the fastest, guaranteed solution for delivery of documents directly into recipients' hands, offering customers peace of mind.

But if a review suggests you need to make changes, it's important to go right back to the basics - how does your business, product or service meet your customers' needs? Any changes that don't answer this question are likely to lead to a brand that means little to its customers.
Growth opportunities

Reviews can also provide an opportunity to develop a business. For example, Speedy Couriers could also find that its added emphasis on reliability could be used to extend into new markets, such as say transporting other businesses' cash to banks.