Custom PPC Landing

In the search engine marketing industry‚ every click equals advertising dollars spent. PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can generate significant profits if handled properly‚ but the majority of search marketing advertisers are corporate executives and small business owners who‚ by doing the best they know how‚ simply bid on every single quasi–related phrase they can imagine.

Trained and untrained search marketers alike often forget one of the most critical pieces of the search marketing puzzle: the landing page. Getting people to click on a link is one thing; getting them to convert into a customer is something else entirely. The biggest mistake most search marketers make is they direct all of their PPC ads to the homepage or some quasi–related page within their site.

Pay Per Click advertising is most effective when used in conjunction with well–written and designed landing pages. These are pages created for the sole purpose of communicating with the people who clicked on a specific type of paid search ad. Each landing page has two functions: more information and a specific call to action.

Mihu Solutions specializes in full–bodied search marketing campaigns. It's our job to make sure that every campaign is well conceived and monitored for opportunities to improve ROI on a monthly basis. We know that your landing pages are the difference between you spending money on clicks and you making money on clicks.

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