Email Marketing Services

Whether you are new to email marketing or simply prefer to leave it to the experts‚ Mihu Solutions can plan‚ develop‚ and implement your email marketing campaign from start to finish. We provide comprehensive campaign development services for creating the vision‚ campaigns‚ designs‚ copy‚ and technology to make it all come together. We can train your team to implement the campaigns‚ or we can provide full service including implementation.

Mihu Solutions wants to transform your online marketing presence by helping you develop an email marketing strategy that increases your return on investment while accomplishing your goals. We begin by upholding industry standards and providing ethical email marketing recommendations which is one way we keep your company's public reputation in good standing.

Successful email marketing campaigns should be measured on the percentage increase of targeted recipients‚ not simply increasing list size. "Double confirmed ⁄ opted in" is the only effective subscription method. List clean up and reconfirmation of lists is performed every six months to a year.

Mihu Solutions email marketing services:

* Full–Service Email Marketing
A full–service option where we do all the heavy lifting for you. We provide campaign development‚ email design‚ copywriting‚ programming‚ and actual implementation.
* Campaign Audit & Analysis
Full campaign audits‚ program analysis‚ and email audits to diagnose problematic
issues and to recommend improvements.
* Campaign Development
Full campaign development services where Vizion Interactive creates the vision‚
campaigns‚ design‚ copy‚ and technology for your company.
* Best Practices Consulting
Mihu Solutions will train your team on everything needed for best practices‚ effective
email design‚ successful email copy‚ increases in email conversion and ROI‚ list
growth‚ email lawyers and regulations‚ ISP relations‚ and email marketing gold
* ISP Relations
We offer ISP relations for interested clients‚ as well as ISP relations consulting and
training for clients not utilizing Mihu Solutions email marketing solutions.
* Email Design and Development
Mihu Solutions offers comprehensive email design and development services so that
each email sent looks good for all major email clients including Outlook 2007‚
Yahoo!‚ Hotmail‚ AOL‚ Gmail‚ and Lotus Notes.
* List Growth Strategies
We specialize in educating our clients on effective methods of list growth and
developing strategies for further list growth and increased ROI.

Every email sent is a valuable opportunity to learn something new about your customers and to perfect the aim of your email marketing campaigns.
Mihu Solutions email marketing service introduces you to results.

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