Interactive Public Relations (PR)

You know that your business relies on traditional public relations (PR) in order to propagate positive public opinion about the company. And while you know the importance of print‚ television‚ and radio news exposure‚ you cannot afford to overlook the role that interactive PR plays on the Internet.

As the weight of business transactions continues to flow toward the Web‚ more and more of your company's reputation will be affected by what is written about you online. Blogs‚ articles‚ forum discussions‚ and other Web–related publications are extremely effective in supporting or disapproving brand images‚ products‚ services‚ executives‚ celebrities‚ corporations‚ and public figures.

Mihu Solutions utilizes interactive press releases‚ corporate blogs‚ and all the above mentioned Web publishing methods to manage our clients' online reputations. We have witnessed firsthand the power that a few negative posts have to cripple the profits of an organization. We have also seen proactive interactive PR programs not only debunk negative press but also generate brand interest and increase sales.

Interactive PR is also one of the several methods employed in online customer relationship management (CRM). A well–informed customer base is a satisfied customer base. Although many companies wait until a situation requires crisis management‚ those who recognize the value of online public relations before a crisis occurs are much more likely to avoid the drastic effects of future negative press.

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