Media Planning and Buying Services

"It’s about engaging the customer‚ no matter where they physically are‚ and delivering relevancy"
It starts with asking the right questions.
What are your marketing objectives‚ who is your audience and how are you going to reach them‚ no matter where they may be? Mihu Solutions understands these core business issues and creates a framework for disciplined thinking. We identify multiple opportunities across multiple communication channels with our insight and experience. This requires strategic execution and that’s why we test. Continual iterations of your media will ensure the big launch reaches all the right folks via websites‚ portals‚ search engines‚ IM‚ social networks‚ podcasts‚ blogs‚ video games‚ text messages and broadband.

Our Process


* Knowing your objectives – Sales‚ branding and market share.
* Outlining your strategies – Ensure delivery of media to the right audience at the right time.
* Identifying your tactics – What's the right media mix?
* Building an organic plan – It’s alive.
* Execution – Mihu Solutions manages and negotiates placement of your media
* Optimization – Analytics and traffic can tell you a lot about your customer.

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