Newsletters & Surveys

Email has revolutionized the way we do business. When asked‚ successful CEO's and Managers worldwide will tell you that a large portion of their business consists of online sales‚ product support‚ and relationships forged online with their consumers.

For this reason‚ many businesses are looking for ways to maintain constant contact with their client base. Whether delivering support information for a product already sold‚ or pushing a new product that's on the market‚ e–marketing is an effective tool that will increase sales and increase consumer loyalty.

Large Associations and Organizations:
For large Associations and Organizations‚ the advantage to Email Newsletters versus conventional print newsletters is enormous. Not only can costs be curbed in the production process of each newsletter (online newsletters can be produced to pennies per email)‚ but there are some other issues that should be considered.

* Print Newsletters have to be proofed and approved on a deadline
* Once Print Newsletters have been printed‚ they can't be edited
* There are no accurate tracking tools that can be embedded into Print Newsletters as opposed to very sophisticated tracking that can be integrated into email campaigns.
* Email Newsletters have a much higher turnaround time‚ and can often times go out in just a few hours and reach your target audience with timely information.
*Email Newsletters can be personalized in a way that builds consumer loyalty.

Survey Campaigns
With Survey Campaigns from Mihu Solutions‚ you can find out exactly what your clients or associates are thinking. Surveys can be conducted either through a combined email campaign or through a link on your corporate website. Intranets can also become powerful internal tools when combined with Survey Campaigns from Mihu Solutions.

All Mihu Solutions Surveys come complete with an enhanced user campaign interface and administration panel that allows the administrator to view survey results per user‚ as well as access to very easy to read reports that are also exportable to Microsoft Word and Excel Formats.

How Do I Get Started?
For additional information regarding our Newsletter Campaign products‚ please feel free to contact our sales team.