Website Analytics

Track and Analyze Your Visitors
Ask yourself these questions about your website's visitors: Where did they come from? Where did they go throughout the site? What were their favorite pages‚ and where did we loose them if they didn't sign up or buy anything?

Why you can't afford not to have website analytics and reporting:

* Web analytics is the best way to identify bottlenecks in your website's navigation that
hinders its ability to become more profitable.
* Website analytics pinpoint the effectiveness of your campaigns making it easy to see
how cost–effective your keywords are across a variety of search engines and online
marketing campaigns.
* And finally‚ website analytics allow you to identify where your best leads and
customers come from and which markets are most profitable to you.

Armed with this knowledge your resources can be moved away from campaigns that show low returns and then allocated to marketing campaign budgets with higher ROI. dt’s digital marketing specialists help you to understand how visitors interact with your website‚ track conversions‚ set up goals and measure return on investment.

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