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The battle against life–threatening illnesses and diseases affecting our society never seems to end – thousands of lives are lost every year due to heart disease‚ cancer‚ and AIDS‚ Malnutrition. Mihu Solutions is committed to helping the community that we live in‚ by donating a percentage of our earnings per project we hope to help those that are in need whether they suffer from a illness‚ disease or some form of disfigurement or homelessness.

Everyone needs help. Every company that we work with a 10% of the project price will be donated to charity in their name. Its not about how much is given‚ or who is giving it‚ but that it is given to someone who needs it. We hope that if you are are organization small‚ medium or large that you help to contribute to the wellness of the community that you live in.

At Mihu Solutions we are committed to saving lives and building a healthy Vietnam.