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Mihu Solutions was started in early 2007 by Mike Van Zyl and Pham Nguyen Hung. Mike and Hung started the company while working with with various IT Companies in Vietnam. Mihu´s name was developed using the first two initial of both Mike and Hung.

The company focuses on offering complete Web development services‚ including Web design‚ Web programming and Web marketing and Customized Software Solutions. Mihu Solutions ability to integrate these services set it apart from its competition.

Many of Mihu Solutions competitors specialized in design or programming‚ but were not able to offer a complete solution. Additionally‚ unlike its competition Mihu Solutions instituted development teams‚ allowing multiple designers and programmers to be assigned to each project‚ with a project manager serving as a central point of contact for the client.

Mihu Solutions is currently expanding its services to include interactive CD–ROMs‚ integrated marketing‚ printed materials and consulting services. The company is looking to involve itself into various business sectors ranging from the Hospitality Sector through to the Pharmaceutical and Construction Sectors.

Mihu Solutions incorporates its name to reflect its goal to offer more encompassing‚ creative and complete business solutions for each customer. The name Mihu Solutions describes the progressive full–service approach that the company provides to its customers.

Part of Mihu Solutions growing success is due to the rich talent pool in Ho Chi Minh City. With various international and local community colleges available to provide a wealth of students and graduates who are eager to learn new Web technologies.

Mihu Solutions future looks very bright‚ and the company remains focused on becoming one of the leading interactive media and integrated e–marketing firms and customized software solutions providers in the Asia.