picKnowledge Support Center
Mihu's Knowledge Support Center brings together an assortement of help tools from Live Chat Operator for your website, to online ticketing support systems for your support team, to task management and

picProject Manager Plus
Project Manager Plus is our easy to use Project Management Solution. You can track projects from beginining to completion, put in costs, track tasks, assign tasks, assign costs, set up multiple project accounts. Easy to view interface developin in a Php / MySql environment. Easy to install and implement.

picCollaboration Suite
Our Collaboration Suite solution is a web based solution with a variety of modules which range from Contact Management Book which you can share with others or keep private, Online Scheduling which can be shared with Others or be kept private, share files, upload files, Calendar and a variety of other office modules.

picHuman Resource Manager Plus
Human Resource Manager Plus is one of our specialized web based solutions. Easy to install and utilize it provides you with the ability to track all your employees. Have all information readily available such as history of work, study, current salary, etc. You can also track time off, sick days. We offer a variety of modules which can be added to the solution.

Logistrans is our core Logistics Solution for Logistic and Forwarding Companies. Its a secure working environment developed in Php and MySql. with a mixture of both Logistic Web Application and Online Logistic Booking solution. Easily customizable we can adapt the solution to fit any of your needs and requirements in a short period of time.

picPro Shopper
Our Pro Shopper Solution is a customized Online Shopping Cart solution developed in Php and Mysql. Easy to use with a variety of customized options. Its quick to install and you can have your online shopping site working within a week.

picMailing List Pro
Our professional Mailing List Pro software is a web based Php solution which allows you to create multiple mailing list, import / export contacts, set up multiple email campaigns and select from a variety of pre-developed email templates for your use. Track your email campaign and see how many people actually opted to open your email.

picPhoto Show Gallery
Our photo gallery software is a mix match of Flash and Xml. Easy to use with a variety of customizable features this is a great solution for photographers or who those looking to showcase their products or photos online.

picAppointment Keeper
Our Appointment Scheduling Software allows your website browser to be able to make an online appointment with you. They can select from the day or the week, month and time and have a confirmed email sent to them.

SME (Small, Medium and Enterprise) CRM solution is a easy to use solution for companies of all sizes. Be able to track possible leads and clients, have all your clients in one contact management database with all information about them all information about the project. Comes with a variety of service modules.

picSocial Media Organizer
Want to start your own online social media network, we can help you with Our Social Media Organizer which will allow you to enhance your online media marketing activities. Provide your visitors with the ability to upload and share photos, videos, have their own personal blogs and chat online in real time with the built in chat engine.

picProperty Showcase
Mihu Solutions Property Showcase is a web based Real Estate Solution. Its simple to use for people who are not It savy. It comes with a variety of options which are all very easily customizable. Offer slideshows, video shoots, detailed or short detailed information on properties. Great for showcasing all your properties or if you're a real estate agent a great way to provide all your listings whether for rent or sale on one site.

picClassifieds Pro
Our Classifieds Pro is the ultimate in Online Classifieds Solutions. Allow your visitors to post items for sale, purchase or just for bargain online in a secure environment. Charge then per posting, charge them for memberships. Multilanguage, easy to use and easy to customize. Comes with a variety of Layout colors. A great solution if your looking to set up an online Classified Ads.

picPermission Downloader
Permission Downloader is a software solution which works in conjuction with our Photo Gallery, Classifieds, Pro Shopper and other related software solutions. If you are offering something for sale on the internet and your customer has made payment you want to offer him a way to download his digital material. Permission Downloader is that solution for you as it provides a unique way for the person to download the materials which he has bought. Password protected with time periods we can provide you with an easy to use download security solution.

picOnline Booking Reservation
Mihu Solutions Online Booking Reservation system works for Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants. Our customized Solution allows visitors to make a reservation online through your website but selecting the date, month and time as well as number of people as well as preferences. Once this has been selected the information will be sent to you for confirmation, and visitor will also get a confirmed reservation by email.