contact management

Contact Management Solutions are a combination phone book‚ calendar‚ and sales history notebook‚ though many applications offer a wider variety of functions. They can be installed on a single computer‚ on a company´s file server for access by multiple users and over the Internet‚ or it can be a hosted service with a third–party provider taking care of the nuts and bolts.

Some applications work with or through Microsoft Outlook‚ while others provide their own interface to enable sending and receiving email while recording the customer´s contact information‚ the email message‚ and the salesperson´s response. A CMS usually will sort contacts–alphabetically‚ by the product or service‚ by geographic area‚ or according to other criteria–and will synchronize with devices like laptops or handheld organizers. Calendar capabilities range from straightforward daily To Do lists to predetermined sales cycle schedules that can run for months‚ reminding the user when to call‚ send product information‚ or to arrange a meeting with the client.

Your business invests a lot of time and money finding the right people to do business with. That´s why Mihu Solutions Contact Management Software includes powerful features that help you capture names and more efficiently market to prospects‚ customers‚ owners and other contacts. For example‚ names entered in the Contact form on your website can be instantly captured in the contact database for continued marketing efforts.


Powerful Features

* Simple entry screens for all contacts
* Multiple phone and email fields
* Automatic country formatting of phone number
* Easy and fast search engine
* Scan Image of Business Card or Person
* Contacts Arranged in Alphabetical Order
* Import ⁄ Export Contact List
* Merge with Mailing List Solution
* Multiple Search Results by Image Scan‚ by Contact Number
* Backup ⁄ Restore Contacts
* Search on multiple criteria
* Security roles that restrict software access

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