human resource management

Maintaining a competitive workforce is one of the greatest challenges in human resource management today. Companies are expanding quickly‚ so HR and payroll professionals must overcome numerous obstacles including talent shortages‚ competition‚ and a more dispersed workforce in order to meet strategic growth needs. In addition‚ they must manage everyday demands and stay current with changing regulations and growing reporting requirements.

Mihu Solutions Human Resource Management Solution a web based application solution delivers powerful‚ easy–to–use and fully integrated Human Resource and Payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes. This Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) solution offers comprehensive payroll processing‚ recruiting‚ training‚ and benefits administration ensuring your readiness to tackle today´s challenging HR issues – all at an affordable price.


Depending on your organization´s size and requirements‚ Mihu Solutions offers a variety of flexible‚ integrated HR solutions and customized modules that help you.


* Keep effective‚ up–to–date employee records.
* Manage employee salaries and pay grades.
* Track employee benefit plans.
* Document employee performance and attendance.
* Create employee policy manuals.
* Manage government compliance and organizational reporting requirements.
* Streamline recruitment management.
* Develop strategic career and succession plans.
* Integrate with ADP payroll and time and labor management systems.

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