logistic ⁄ warehouse management

Mihu Logistic Solutions is a highly modular set of supply chain logistics management systems designed to automate and streamline the operations and management of international supply chain service providers such as freight forwarders‚ customs brokers‚ depots‚ container terminals‚ warehouses‚ trucking companies and other supply chain providers.In doing this‚ it supports and automates the highly fragmented logistics process that is used by supply chain service providers all around the world.

Mihu Logistic Solutions is a powerful Web application with an SQL database back end and a true Enterprise–class architecture‚ Mihu Logistic Solutions provides a fully integrated set of supply chain management systems which include client order management‚ third–party and fourth–party warehousing‚ process and communication integration‚ report writer‚ customizable document and form sets and a large set of front– and back–office integrations – all out of the box.

Mihu Solutions delivers unique logistics solutions supporting the production and distribution operations for leading manufacturers‚ distributor. By leveraging our extensive industry experience‚ proven methodologies and advanced logistics technologies‚ organizations continually realize increases in asset utilization‚ accuracy‚ quality and compliance while lowering overall production and distribution costs.

Mihu Logistic Solutions is designed to facilitate optimization of manufacturing and assembly operations. Focusing on tracking‚ control‚ and accountability‚ it is ideally suited for industries where quality‚ complex assembly operations‚ warranty costs‚ and product liability issues are serious management challenges.


Warehouse Management

From advanced ship notice processing to lot and serial number maintenance‚ Mihu Solutions Warehouse Management Solution tracks and controls the movement of both raw materials and finished goods through your distribution network. Advanced functionality including yard and dock management‚ value added processing‚ cross–dock fulfillment‚ and wave planning provide the tools to increase throughput while reducing operating costs. Users define the rules to process cycle counts‚ forward pick replenishment‚ material consumption‚ and product incubation.


* Reduction of damaged material
* Smooth flow of finished goods into distribution
* Positive material consumption
* Efficient return to stock of unused raw material
* Minimize production downtime
* Increased labor utilization
* Capture accurate vs. estimated material usage
* End–to–end genealogy and traceability
* Improved plant space utilization
* Increased fill rates

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