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Mihu Corporate Identity Solutions are dedicated to helping our clients in all aspects of creating‚ building‚ growing and fully realizing the potential of each corporate and brand identity through our specialized services for brand identity development‚ corporate identity development‚ corporate identity design‚ company name creation‚ brand name creation‚ company logo design‚ brand logo design‚ brand strategy and corporate and brand messaging. 

Our overriding goal for each project is to help each client´s company or product to become a brand leader and to maximize the value of the brand. We accomplish this through our specialized branding services and proven methodologies‚ which include creating extraordinary names‚ taglines‚ logos‚ package designs and look and feel programs and developing creative and effective product architecture systems‚ brand and customer loyalty programs‚ brand positions and brand messages.

Our teams are trained to listen well and act quickly and are committed to complete client satisfaction. The result is a project team that will bring a conceptual and industry–specific understanding to the very detailed business of branding and your specific situation.

Our corporate Identity design services include:

* Corporate Logo Design
* Brochure Design
* Corporate Catelogue Design
* Stationery Layout Package Design
* CD Cover Designing
* Corporate Pocket Folder Design
* Corporate Website‚ Blog Design
* Letterhead & Envelop Design
* Custom Logo Email Templates

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