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Want to impress potential clients with a presentation that will add the professional touch that leaves a lasting impression? Would you like to be able to send distributors a catalogue on CD ROM that they can show their clients?

Mihu Solutions can produce a multimedia presentation to meet any of your business's requirements. Our Multimedia Presentations are a blend of information, graphic, sound and animation. Besides from the design of the presentation, we will also sit down with to instruct you on its use. The technology we use to develop a Multimedia Presentations include Flash, Director, 3D Max, Adobe Premier, Sound Forge, Elastic Reality to produce high quality output.

Adobe Flash has become a major element in design & development platforms, offering increased animation capabilities, and the ability to present a wide amount of information in an animation, and almost commercial, style format. The medium has become widely popular and it is now believed that nearly 98% of all browsers are supporting Flash.

At Mihu Solutions we can provide graphically rich functional applications such as software demonstrations, trade show presentations, web site intros, interactive web sites, database-driven applications, combining creative and imaginative ideas with a strong understanding of communication; we will bring your projects to life. If your company is looking to provide your in-house staff with e-learning solutions we can help to creater elearning solutions which they can learn from at any time.

Some of the more used Interactive Multimedia Solutions range from Flash Slideshows. Flash Ads and Banners which can be utilized on any website, Interactive Flash Quizes, Questionnaires and Reports.

Contact Mihu Solutions today and let us know how we can help you with your Multimedia Needs. Whether its Powerpoint Presentations being converted to Flash Format or to Video format to be watched on your TV, or the development of Customized Mp3's or MP4's for your IPOD we can help you.

Please contact Mihu Solutions at info@mihusolutions.com to see we can help you with your multimedia needs.